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pics from the last week of school


ashley + shane. :)

alex vacuuming. lmao

jordan + ashley. what a lovely face on ashley, huh?

austin raping shane. a normal event that takes place at CHS.

jordan and ashley. <i>trying</i> to look smart

austin on alex's shoulders.

austin on alex again


alex + shaners.

alex, austin + ashley. 3 A's!! lol

austin on ashley.

ashley with her facial expressions. and jordan with hers as well

alex + tanner

jordan, ash and me. i hate the way i look here.

i hate me in this pic more. jordan, ash (lol) and me

one of the plastic bitches. and alex


alex dancing.

alex + jordan

ashley + alex

ashley. lol and alex

jordan and ashley


alex + jordan. pointing to that cabin...<i>there</i>

julio (one of my crushes) &hearts; and you can see my belt + side.

jordan and ashley being chipmonks. See ash's sweatshirt?? my cheer sweat shirt is the same

ashley + shane hiding. he likes to hide.

austin + julio.

tanner thinking he's hot.

julio with lots of candy in his mouth.

tanner loves you...

shane hiding again.

shane hiding again.

austin and jordan being too ghetto for meezee (see jordan's sweatshirt? i have that one too)

shane crawling through desks. like a little boy.

jordan. she looks like a bald man.

shane. he looks really retarded.

me. ewww


shane and ashley. shane likes to sit on her.

jenny and reyes.

jordan in our UGLY locker rooms

sandy and jordan.

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